Why Our Blends?


PowerMaster® is engineered and manufactured by VP® with the highest-quality components available. PowerMaster is the only hobby fuel brand manufactured by an industry-leading specialty chemical company. Using its on-site laboratory, every batch of PowerMaster fuel is blended to the tightest tolerances possible - tolerances that cannot be matched by other hobby fuel brands.

Why use just any hobby fuel when you can have the best? PowerMaster features:

  • Highest-quality components
  • Only US importer of 99.9% pure nitromethane for performance sports
  • Only fuel manufacturer that can draw from over 35 years experience in powering some of the
    fastest machines in the world
  • Only fuel manufacturer that sources its own chemicals and tests those chemicals and the final blend
    of fuel in its own on site lab
  • Best distribution offered, whether down the street or worldwide
  • Only hobby fuel brand with its own trucking company to ensure you get the fuel when and where
    you need it